Investigating Democratic Models of Schooling

For the past few weeks, we have been discussing and investigating democratic models of schooling as a way to create the autonomy needed for innovation. First, we have been viewing and sharing the video, “Good Morning Mission Hill“. The video documents a teacher-run school Pilot School in Boston. Next, a group of four Kenwood teachers and I (George Reese) had a wonderful meeting with Deborah Meier on Friday 4/24/15 in Chicago. Talking with her was an inspiration for all five of us.

Now we are investigating different components of democratic schooling and performance assessment. For example, The Coalition for Essential Schools, The Boston Pilot Schools Network, and the Performance Assessment Consortium in New York.

What does all this have to do with computational thinking (CT)? Well, what are the conditions under which an already full curriculum can be altered to include an essential new component like CT in an equitable way that challenges students and maintains or even grows teacher morale in a public school setting? The answer must include democratic schooling. There is simply too much change to do it TO teachers and students. It has to be done with them and BY them.  -George