Curriculum Resources

Discovering Computer Science & Programming through Scratch: This computer science curriculum introduces sequence, iteration, conditionals, variables, and modularization – the most fundamental principles in any programming language. It uses Scratch, an MIT Media Lab project, to explore these concepts while creating a foundation for coding in any language. This curriculum is based on guides created to introduce computer science to 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) clubs. It is available for purchase from National 4-H.

Scratch Visual Reference Guide: This is a one-page document that was created to serve as a quick-reference for the different block palettes. The first draft has too much for one page, so this is now being adapted into a 2’x3′ poster with accompanying quick reference guide.

Computational Thinking and Mathematics Materials Grades 1-5: Originally created by teachers at Kenwood Elementary in the Champaign Unit Four School District with the support of faculty from the University of Illinois, these original lessons were intended for use with the Everyday Math 4 curriculum in grades 1-5 . The lessons were later iterated upon by Judy Rocke for the purpose of more widespread distribution.

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